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I am ready

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1I am ready Empty I am ready on Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:37 pm


For many months now I have been emotionally ready for the revaluation of the new Iraqi dinar. However, it’s only be within the last week that I’ve actually become financially ready for the event based on the financial education I’ve been receiving. As awkward as it may sound I am very glad the revaluation didn’t occur prior to June. While it would have been nice to have received the effective windfall much of it would have passed through me and into the hands of the government’s coffers without me even having a chance to allocate it more effectively or efficiently.

My asset allocation plan in fully in place and is as follows:

I have three piles reserved for what I call personal use. This refers to IQD I will immediately exchange so that I can eliminate ALL debt, upgrade my home and autos, make some charitable contributions and of course pay required taxes. Even though these three piles should qualify as long term capital gains my personal budgeting will assume the worst case which would be short term capital gain tax rates. If long term does actually apply then I will enjoy the additional financial bonus.

Regarding capital gains and the uniqueness of this investment, I don’t personally trust the IRS to give us standard tax treatment. I hope that they do but would rather plan for the worst so any tax-related surprises that arise in the post RV world are good ones.

I have reserved 12 piles that will be exchanged into a 10-year CRAT which will avoid any immediate exchange-related taxes as no capital gain will be immediately realized. Annually the CRAT will pay me 10% of its initial value from which I’ll use some for living expenses, some for taxes and the rest of the after-tax money will be deposited into a CRUT. The CRUT resources will then be used to fund highly tax-sensitive investments which will provide tax-free income for the rest of my live.

My final four piles were purchased with funds that were resident in my Self-directed Roth 401(k) retirement plan. Immediately after the revaluation I will exchange these IQD into this account. I currently am greater than 5 years younger than age 59 ½ so there will be no taxes due on any capital gain, or growth, of these funds once they are eligible for withdrawal at age 59 ½.

In parallel with the above plan I will be starting a private family foundation. The benefits of this type of entity which are explained in detail elsewhere in this forum resonate in my heart. This foundation will be the beneficiary of the CRAT growth after its ten year run. The foundation will also be the beneficiary of my CRUT at my demise.

Now, I am ready for the RV!


2I am ready Empty Planning Is Everything! on Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:06 am


The Asset Allocation Model (AAM) described above is a textbook example of a Wealth Management Group member effectively utilizing the resources provided here in the forum.

If you read all of Shelby's posts you can trace his activities from the start of the development process to the present. We were privileged to provide assistance as requested.

His AAM follows the basic IWMS guidelines and is divided into a personal section, current income section, deferred income section and charitable contribution section. The following effective Tax Planning provisions are utilized:

(1) Resources are allocated to cover the worst case tax scenario for the personal section post RV.
(2) The use of the CRAT to provide current income will defer the initial tax burden generated by a post RV exchange over a 10 year period.
(3) The contribution of CRAT distributions not needed for current needs to a CRUT, will provide a current charitable contribution deduction which will offset the tax liability under #2.
(4) The CRUT's assets will be invested to generate tax-free income.
(5) The use of a ROTH 401(k) account for deferred income will produce tax-free income after the account is in existence for 5 years and the participant and the participant reaches 59 1/2.
(6) The use of the different CRT models removes assets from the estate, thereby minimizing estate taxes.
(7) The use of a Private Foundation will provide additional charitable contribution deductions.

Next will be the implementation phase and the asset protection review. It should be an exciting time, watching an outstanding plan come together.


3I am ready Empty Re: I am ready on Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:32 pm


While waiting for the RV I've had time to further comtemplate my AAM. As such here is an update...

I have purchased 4 piles of IQD that I intend to use to see my Private Family Foundation. I've made contact with Foundation Source and believe there may be a path with which I can exchange these piles into the account that is linked to my foundation which may result in a complete elimination of capital gains taxes on these piles. One of my post RV businesses that I intend to run will revolved around the determination of charitable distributions from the foundation. Ultimately, this will also be an employment option for my children (who are currently ages 9 and 4).

Also, my use of a CRAT is in question. As you know one of the benefits of the CRAT is the deferral of captial gains taxes which is a good thing. However, given the current state of our government and proposals for tax increases in many areas (income, health care, investments, etc), if the RV occurs in 2010 it will be possible for me to exchange the 10M IQD that was initially intended for the CRAT for cash, pay the Long Term Capital gains taxes, then deposit the after-tax money into my CRT which will then provide tax-free income for life if invested properly. My thinking is that the the initial tax sting that I'll feel using 2010 tax rates may be less than the tax sting in the out years which will clearly be at a higher rate which will mitigate (or possibly eliminate) the benefit of the tax deferral.

Now, if post RV it is determined that IQD exchange related taxes are treated differently that other investments in terms of capital gains, then to me, the benefit of the tax deferred CRAT is clearly the better option.

For now, we sit patiently...


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